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Steve Keller one of Colorado's most creative top freelance photographers in the state.  Creating high resolution digital images in the areas of commercial, product, people, editorial, photojournalism, nature, scientific, and specializing in fine art.   Comfortable creating and making controlled images, and also taking or pursuing and capturing those elusive images that just happen by fate with minimal composing, in uncontrolled ever changing circumstances and events.  For difficult photographic operations call in airtightphoto to get it done.  All contingencies controlled such as tight time constraints, difficult situations,  specializing in photojournalism, documentary, and stock photography

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Steve is well versed in digital technology in the area of computer graphics, and was an early member of the National Computer Graphics Association, as well as a pioneering member of ACM /siggraph.  Steve has created images with photographic film processes through digital imaging technology. Steve has acquired a hands on knowledge of the newest imaging technologies as an early adopter and has beta tested many computer software programs. 

Steve is a collector of historic images of early Colorado photography and the states mining industry. Images of remote mining camps and settlements, to images deep inside dark gold and silver mines captured during the time of early development of photography technology. A time of glass plates and flash powder compared to today's digital film and electronic strobe flash units, these early images illustrate the distance photographic technology has advanced. The Keller Collection can be viewed online at

Steve has a B.F.A. in photography from the Kansas City Art Institute, and also creates fine art paintings many of which can be viewed in the painting gallery link on this site.  Steve paints in a realistic styles like abstract realism, photo-realism, super-realism, hyper-realism. The canvases are all large size usually 3 or 4 feet by 5 or 6 feet, and many are even larger. Most are from source material of photographs. several have been sold, and several are offered here for sale.



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